Over time various bits of memorabilia have been collected and are recorded here. Many of the tickets and posters from events that the band played at have been lost. However, thanks to the hoarding by some of the band members, and David Flack’s brother, John, the following specimens have survived. Where it can be remembered, there is a short annotation against individual tickets.

The original ‘business’ card for the band before the change of name.


The photograph on the left appeared in the ‘Barking Advertiser’ newspaper at about the  time the band changed its name from The Avengers to Section 62. (Was this the inspiration, some years later, for ‘The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover?). Interesting to note how few cars there were in  Hurstbourne Gardens in those days! The right hand photo was taken at Barking Abbey Grammar School on 20 March 1963.

The only surviving photograph of the band dressed as French Matelots for  the Kangol National advertising campaign - as referred to on the  biography page.


Newspaper clipping from ‘The Ilford Recorder’ reporting the bands success at the all-Essex beat music contest in 1964.

Hofner Club50

David Flack’s first electric guitar was a second-hand Hofner Club 50, similar to that advertised here by Bert Weedon. At about this time John Lennon played a  Hofner Club 40 model.

The early amplification used by the band was a Watkins Westminster. As far  as can be remembered, all the guitars - except the Hofner, which went  through a home-built amp and speaker cabinet - and the mics went through  this amplifier. Although the rated output was only 10 watts, the valve  amps of the day were relatively powerful and it was good enough for the  venues played at.

The band also used a secondhand Selmer echo chamber for the lead vocal and lead guitar.


Before too long it became necessary to upgrade the equipment and a Watkins  Dominator, shown here, was acquired. David Flack continued to use his  home constructed amplification until later when the Fenton Weill amps  were bought.

In 2008 secondhand Dominators were changing hands for about 1000!


The band also acquired a second echo  chamber - a Watkins Copycat - which  enabled the vocals and lead guitar to be controlled separately. These  units were very popular at the time and were used by many well known  artists, including Hank Marvin of The Shadows.


The final upgrade of equipment came largely from the bands’ regular earnings around local venues. Dave ‘Pip’ Levy had joined Section 62 with a Fenton Weill bass guitar and matching amplifier, which complimented the Fenton Weill Triplemaster guitars already used by the band and so a  Fenton Weill Golden Arrow amplifier was purchased to complete the image.

The picture on the photographs page shows this setup.

Avengers Ticket - School Dance

The first time that the band played at the Grammar school where four of the members were pupils. The year was 1962.

Section 62 Ticket - Social
Section 62 Ticket - Madison

Note the interesting humour of the times! eg ‘Twisting off at 7.30 p.m.’ and ‘Collapsing at 11 p.m.’

Section 62 Ticket - Swing Along

First concert at Barking Abbey Grammar School following the change of the band’s name to Section ‘62. See how much admission was in 1963 - (7.5p)?

Section 62 Ticket - Grand Social

Quite a rise in admission prices - but then it was for a good cause. 1963

Section 62 Ticket - Our Kind of Music

The concert (above) was obviously so successful that a year later the band  returned for another session. Was it free to get in? - the price of  fame! 1964

Fifth Birthday Ticket

We know this venue still exists as one of our number lives close by. Inflation existed in those days as admission had risen to 20p (including refreshments)!


Hornchurch Carnival Week, May 1964. The programme of events refers to the ‘Beat  Festival’ held on Saturday the 23rd at which Section 62 was placed second (see the Biography page).

Section 62 Ticket - Own Dance
Section 62 - Own Dance

Flushed with the success of regular work the band decided to run their own  dance. The venue was almost opposite the Cauliflower Hotel! The only outlay was the hire of the hall as our Mums volunteered to provide refreshments (the Dads were probably the bouncers of the day). The band cleared 8 each - equivalent to one week’s wages for many people in  those days of full employment. Tearing the corner of the ticket signified that the holder had been admitted. The ‘poster’ on the right was hand cut and run off on a duplicating  machine.

Murex Ticket

A popular venue for dances - and therefore local bands - in the Rainham, Essex area

Tony Rivers Ticket

As mentioned on the Biography page, this performance, in May 1966, was pretty much the last time the band played together and brought the curtain down on what had been an enjoyable and memorable five years.
Tony Rivers and The Castaways went on to become Harmony Grass and had a UK Top Thirty hit with ‘Move in a little closer baby’.

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