‘Thumbin’ A Ride’ b/w ‘My Babe’ a 7” single recorded at Denglow Studios, Chadwell Heath, Essex. The  biography page recounts the bands disappointment at the final quality of the disc.


The band moved from rehearsing in each of their parents homes to a more  permanent venue in the attic at David Flack’s parents house in  Goodmayes, Essex.
The material on this CD was originally recorded on a 2-track tape recorder  by John Flack, without the bands knowledge. The microphone was sited on  the staircase leading up to the attic room and the final track records  the lead singer (Dave Price) tripping over it as he walks down the  stairs.
The original 1/4” tape was stored by John for about 40 years before being  transferred to cassette and then CD - hence the degradation of the sound quality. The CD contains the following tracks:

1. Mr Moonlight
2. Mr Tambourine Man
3. I Should’ve Known (Flack/Price)
4. I’m Alive
5. Sweet Little Sixteen
6. I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
7. You Can’t Judge A Book
8. That Boy
9. Louie, Louie
10. Stepped On The Mic (Price)

Then And Now - CD Cover

A cd single containing the digitised versions of the 2 tracks (Thumbin' A Ride and My Babe) recorded at Denglow Studios, Chadwell Heath in 1964 and a live version  of Everyday, recorded at The Farm Studios, Upminster, Essex on 17  September 2008.

Live at theFarm

A six-track extended play CD single recorded live at The Farm Studios, Upminster by Ray Marquis on 1st August 2009.

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